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certify.SBA.gov is not available during the shutdown of the U.S. government.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience.


Fast facts about certify.SBA.gov operations during the lapse of appropriations (government shutdown):

Certify is operating on very limited activity.

We are processing 8(a) offer letters from federal agencies that are operating during the shutdown and operating the HUBZone Map, but all other SBA activities (including any other 8(a) requests) will resume after the shutdown ends.

Applications are not being processed.

The SBA is not able to process or accept WOSB, ASMPP, or 8(a) applications during the shutdown. You will be able to complete and submit your applications after the shutdown ends.

Contract offer letters should be submitted to DCOfferletters@sba.gov.

Federal agencies can submit their offer letters to DCOfferletters@sba.gov, regardless of where the agency or the participant is located. The district office will process these requests within the timeframe outlined in your agency’s Partnership Agreements

Deadline extensions will be granted.

The SBA will grant extensions for deadlines affected by the shutdown. The SBA will provide more guidance on deadline extensions after the shutdown ends.

The Certify Help Desk cannot respond.

The Certify Help Desk is not able to respond to the public during the shutdown. We will respond to inquiries after the shutdown ends.